Monocaffe Connections Manager 0.3

He terminado la versión 0.3 de MCM. Si tenemos "dialog" instalado, al ejecutar sin ningún argumento, nos mostrará un menú con los servidores y con pulsar ENTER sobre alguno, abrirá la conexión. También he cambiado el fichero .mcm donde se guardan los datos de las conexiones para utilizar XML y eliminar un pequeño bug que había. También he añadido conexiones FTP.

Podéis descargarlo desde aqui

This software is designed to ease the management of connections to several types of servers. Since I couldn't find any solution to handle all types of connections from a console, mcm was born. The idea is to avoid having to maintain a separate spreadsheet or wiki page with all the servers I usually connect to and keep that monster open during my work sessions.
There are other solutions, but each handled either ssh only connections, or graphical connections (like vnc). Also, this graphical connections managers were designed to have a GUI and a single command from the console is what I wanted.
My main objective is to provide a fast and reliable mean to store the information of this connections and be able to reach them fast and easily.

Click here to download version 0.3


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