Monocaffe Connections Manager
Monocaffe Connections Manager is a set of tools to ease the management of several servers. It's aimed at network or system administrators who need to connect every day to different servers by different means.
Monocaffe Connectios Manager for your console.
Using the ncurses dialog utility, mcm allows you to manage your connections without an X server running.
Monocaffe Connections Manager for GNOME.
Is a complete GUI replacement for the gnome terminal which allows you to manage your connections, cluster mode (for sending commands for several servers at the same time) and support for ssh, ftp, telnet, vnc and rdesktop.

Jongo is a Java JDBC Interface for RESTful webservices. This means you can deploy Jongo to connect to any JDBC supported RDBMS and access your data with REST. Currently Jongo works as a standalone server and is projected to be deployable within Google Apps Engine and let front-end developers work just on the front-end.