Video Streaming Linux/iPad

People like to complicate things a lot. I've been reading of ways to stream video to my iPad. When a solution starts with "Install Wine" I give up. Is not that I don't like Wine, it just feels dirty.
Anyway, the problem is that Apple likes to do stupid stuff to put some crazy locks on hardware and software. I really like the iPad so I'm putting up with some of its problems, but this video streaming thing was getting on my nerves until I found OPlayer HD

So, go to your computer and run a simple HTTP server with some Python magic:

$python -c "import SimpleHTTPServer;SimpleHTTPServer.test()"

BTW, you should do this on a folder where you keep your movies.

Now, install OPLayer and go to the web browser it has. Point it to your server: for example, and watch/download your movies.


OPlayer also has a feature in which runs an HTTP server on the iPad. With this, you can upload your movies to the device from your computer, any computer.

Very cool!

On a final note, I was hoping this would be something VLC would bring, but what a disappointment. There's yxplayer, or something of the like, that is supposed to do the same thing. I've not tested it, I liked OPlayer, so I won't bother.

Another thing, the battery drains like crazy when playing a video over the network, so

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