mcm-connections-manager 1.0

Today I've uploaded the new debian and tar files for mcm-connections-manager version 1.0

MCM GTK with MCM CLI inside running in Xubuntu

Lot's of changes have happened since the latest release in 2011. First of all, a full refactor of the source code and some stuff have been removed and other cool features have been added. For the last two years I've been using it (and others) daily with 30+ servers until I had to update my Ubuntu machines to 12.04.

With Python 2.7 the xml library changed and the file where the connections data was stored didn't work. So the first thing was to change the format to JSON. The only problem with this approach is that Python 2.4 users will need to add the JSON library to the mcm project.

A lot of work was placed on the CLI version to make it work as it should since I found it to be very cool to have it in a remote server to connect to other servers inside the same, firewall protected LAN.
  • Support for Dialog and fallback in case it's not installed
  • Cleaner lists
  • Autocomplete for the aliases
The GUI version has also changed to make the dialogs cleaner, a new icon is used with a better resolution. Other changes include:
  • Built-in themes for the console colors
  • Install your public key in a remote SSH server with one click
  • Better error handling
  • Support for embedded VNC authentication
  • Add a closing button to tabs and the cluster check boxes are shown when cluster mode is active
  • Filter by connection types
  • Password field is hidden by default and a button to feed it to a console
  • Removed the tips thing which wasn't very useful as it was
mcm in cluster mode and solarized dark theme

Finally, I've moved the project to Google Code and created a new Google Group to give support to users. This way I believe more people will provide feedback and bug reports.

Now go to that google code page and download!