Active Page in Apache Wicket

A few days ago I started a new project with Apache Wicket and I'm pretty sure I'll be posting some cool stuff I'll be learning during the following days using this framework (a nice review in the future?).

Anyway, something I found quite annoying to do and that took me some time to get a hold of was telling a menu which the active item is so that we can highlight it.

Basically, you'll probably have some sort of ListView with some custom MenuItem objects and a 

<li wicket:id="myMenuElements">

Also, you'll probably have a BasePage template for the layout which your pages will extend. The trick here is to have your BasePage class constructor to require the parameters and the active class.

public BasePage(PageParameters parameters, Class<? extends Page> active){
    add(new MyHeader(active));

This way, when extending this class, you're forced to call the super constructor:

public HomePage(PageParameters params){
    super(params, HomePage.class);

Finally, and if your MenuItem uses BookmarkablePageLink for somewhere in your MenuItem code you can do something like:

final BookmarkablePageLink link = new BookmarkablePageLink("menuLink", obj.getUrl());
link.add(new Label("menuLabel", obj.getTitle()));
    item.add(new AttributeModifier("class", "active"));

One thing to note is that the getPage().getPageClass() method cannot be called until the component has been added to the page, so we can't use that from any code that is executed in the constructors.

Hope this helps some wicket n00bz like myself :-)

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