Jongo as a JavaScript Application Server

Jongo is built on top of the Jetty webserver, allowing a developer to use only one server to build a full application using static content (html, css, images) and JavaScript. For Jongo to be able to deploy your application, you need to activate the jongo.allow.apps option in the file.

Continue and create a folder in your JONGO_HOME named apps/myapp and develop you application there, something like this:

An example of a MVC ExtJS Application
If everything went fine, the next time you run jongo, you'll see this in your logs (if debug mode is enabled):

2011-12-05 22:02:04 o.j.JongoJetty [DEBUG] Loading apps
2011-12-05 22:02:04 o.j.JongoJetty [DEBUG] Creating Servlet for myapp

Now navigate to http://jongo-server:port/myapp/ and your application should work.