Jongo Beta 0.1

Last night I uploaded the first version of Jongo. This is a beta version and all of the projected functionality is provided.

  • All REST to CRUD operations are implemented (PUT, POST, GET, DELETE).
  • JDBC errors mapping to HTTP errors.
  • POST requests accept form and JSON data.
  • Full HTTP response with JSON or XML
  • Grails style dynamic finders.
  • Complex Queries.
  • Deploy-able web applications in the apps directory.
  • Administration Console with jQuery.
  • Demo mode which creates a in-memory database with demo data and deploys a demo application called cidb (made using ExtJS)
  • Support for MySQL, Oracle and Hypersonic.

In future versions support for more RDBMS will be added, like Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase using the jTDS JDBC Driver. Also support for PostgreSQL and SQLite is projected.

A couple of screenshots:

This is the administration console, from where you can control the tables Jongo will provide access to. It's completely made with jQuery and is a good example of how to work with jQuery.Ajax() and Jongo.

The cidb application is a demonstration of how to use ExtJS rest stores without any server side coding.

If you find Jongo useful please leave your feedback. Find any bugs, errors or have a cool idea? Open a ticket!